Interaction Program of Youth in Electoral Process

Date & Time :  2022-11-16 09:00:00
Venue :   Sillauto Cottage, Anamnagar Kathmandu

According to the Election Commission of Nepal (ECN), over 49% of the voters in the House of Representative (HoR) and Province Assemblies (PA) elections scheduled for the November 20, 2022 are youth between 21 to 40 age group. So, engaging the youth creates broad opportunity to convey the election related education/information to the wide range of the population. Voters education means making every citizen aware with the democratic right about participating in the election. Youth have historically played an important role and are at the forefront of every democratic and political movement and struggle, both violent and nonviolent. Unfortunately, despite their contributions, Nepalese youth face challenges in decision-making and power-sharing, and they are largely overlooked in the political sphere.

Observers represent the candidates’ interests and their presence helps to ensure that the election is conducted in a fair and impartial manner. The role of an observer as granted by the Section 6 of the Election Commission Act, 2073 (2017) is to observe the election process and, as appropriate, ask procedural questions of election officials, challenge the eligibility of individual voters or the manner in which votes are counted, and lodge protests with election officials. Youth are the energetic force able to change the political dynamics, so engaging the youth in the election observation supports election commission to conduct peaceful, transparent, fair and impartial election.